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The Beverley Taylor Sorenson Center for the Arts will provide much-needed
facilities for the Utah Shakespeare Festival and for a unique art museum that will
serve as an educational center as well.


The Southern Utah Museum of Art

UMA's educational mission is to instruct and inspire the next generation of art museum professionals as it will become the first nationally-accredited art museum staffed and operated by mentored students in a shared applied research and learning environment. As a model laboratory for collection and exhibition research, educational programming, public school outreach and empirical evaluation of the visitor experience, SUMA will present a new age of unique educational opportunity as it also enriches area students of all ages, as well as their teachers. As a regional art museum, SUMA will serve a broad geographic community year-round, including residents, tourists, SUU students and thousands of area K-12 students. More than 60,000 visitors per year are expected, as SUMA will host art exhibitions from around the world, house the University's permanent collection, and design, curate and produce touring exhibits. Additionally, the museum will provide unrestricted views of the conservation labs and collection storage,
showcasing a behind-the-scenes look into the work of artists, curators and educators, thus furthering the educational model.

The New Shakespeare Theatre

To continue to present life-affirming classic and contemporary plays in repertory, with Shakespeare as the cornerstone, and to increase youth educational opportunities to cultivate the next generation of theatregoers, the Utah Shakespeare Festival (USF) will replace the aging Adams Memorial Shakespeare Theatre. The 35-year-old structure must be replaced for several reasons, including its lack of patron services, inferior amenities for actors, and the need to move it from its current site on the SUU campus to a location where the performance season could be extended beyond the summer months. The new theatre will include seating for 890 audience members per performance, youth education and rehearsal space, elevator and ADA access, dressing rooms and backstage space for artists.

The USF Artistic/Production Center

The Festival does not currently own rehearsal spaces to mount its eight annual professional productions and three Greenshows. The new artistic/production center will provide a hub facility that keeps administrative offices, education spaces, rehearsal halls, and various costume, hair and make-up shops near the performance spaces, allowing for greater efficiency. Additionally, in order for USF to reach its full potential (operating in rotating repertory for nine months out of the year), dedicated space near the theatres will serve these many production elements currently located in old and inefficient homes and
buildings off campus.

Learning Lives Forever